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Political Taunts May Bring a Blizzard

April 25, 2017


Politics has always been a rough-and-tumble game as I learned while running for public office. Recently it has become an even less civil game and frankly, a more childish one. When criticism is leveled against a political party, candidate or office holder, instead of delineating where and why the criticism is unwarranted, the opposition resorts […]

Trump’s Words Resonate

April 17, 2017


Regardless of President Trump’s polices, it is important to understand why his words resonate, and to acknowledge that, in many cases, the problems they are bringing to the surface point to people who feel left behind. Lat November, rural America staged a successful political coup. Trump’s presidential victory had many intertwined causes, but one of […]

Balance Between Military and Domestic Spending

April 11, 2017


President Dwight Eisenhower delivered an address in 1953 before the American Society of News Editors that urged our nation to seek balance in domestic and military spending. His words are worth following today. Ike said, “We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer […]

Need Independent Investigation

April 3, 2017


There is a need for an independent investigation of Russia’s connection to President Donald Trump’s associates and the 2016 election. The FBI criminal investigation into the matter is conducted by a bipartisan agency. FBI Director James Comey’s testimony recently confirmed a criminal investigation into connections between  Trump’s close associates and Russian operatives during the presidential […]