Don’t Compromise Monuments and Parks

Posted on May 2, 2017


In an executive order, President Donald Trump is instructing the Interior Department to review monument and national park designations and to make any “needed” changes.

National monuments and parks are one of this nation’s greatest assets of history and nature. That the new president is changing the meaning of a monument from a historical statue or marker protected to one subject to the whims of the one currently in power sounds more like actions in a Third World dictatorship than in our great nation.

Already historic Civil War monuments have been torn down in New Orleans, and the Civil War monument in Forrest Park, St. Louis, is under continuous attack. The new St. Louis mayor needs to protect this monument.

It is a shame that many do not realize Confederate soldiers were Americans, and we do not need to change history just to be politically correct because historical facts are facts.

Lands such as the Grand Staircase, Organ Mountains and Bear Ears are among the most spectacular and cherished by millions.

If you think it is wrong to destroy historical monuments and dismantle protection of public lands, contact the president, those in Congress and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to let them know that our monuments and lands shouldn’t be compromised.

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