Republicans Determine Trump’s Future

Posted on May 23, 2017


President Donald Trump commits some colossal trespass, and frenzied friends and foes ask” “Is this it? Is it curtains for The Donald?”

The current frenzy feels like the biggest one yet, but so did all the earlier ones. Trump’s latest misstep is a triple play of recklessness (firing James Comey, giving key intelligence to Russia and according to reports, telling Comey and other high intelligence officials to back off the Michael Flynn investigation).

However, until November 2018, the main story will be about the Republican Party. Trump is a known quantity.

For more than a year now, Republicans have backed Trump with craven obsequiousness. For more than a year, reporters have been writing stories with headlines such as “Republicans May Be Reaching the Breaking Point with Trump.”

That is the story now. Until the GOP abandons Trump, he’ll survive in his perverse bubble as his public opinion approval rating drops. He could quit, but that is unlikely. He could be impeached, but it is unlikely that Republicans will abandon him.

So support from Republicans remains high enough to silence the consciences of Republican incumbents. And, if the incumbents believe that could lose their elections in 2018, they will take action on Trump.

That is the story to watch now, the p0lls, not the president.

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