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German Muslims March for Peace

June 27, 2017


Several Muslim groups in Germany rallied tens of thousands in a march with a simple message: Acts of terror carried out in the name of Islam are not Islamic. This very public support for peace represents a new step for Muslims in the West beyond statements that denounce terrorism. And it is also a necessary […]

Medicaid too Critical to Decimate

June 20, 2017


It’s a harsh reality that the U.S. cannot afford to cover the current number of Medicaid recipients with the current level of benefits without raising taxes. And more people are being added to Medicaid as our nation’s age of citizens grows older. Just how expensive is Medicaid? Republicans in the U.S. House were able to […]

Populist Movement Fading

June 13, 2017


People around the world are finding out that populist movement leaders do not get results. A populist movement in the United Kingdom is fading as British Prime Theresa May lost her Conservative majority in the House of Commons following a snap election. It is reported that she might be ousted as prime minister by her […]

Return to Political Center

June 6, 2017


We live in an age where political discourse is defined by internet memes; therefore, it is ┬áiconography and symbols that compress complex ideas into short bursts for the age of social media. Donald Trump’s most ardent online supporters often brag that they “memed a president into office.” And Trump uses Twitter to get his message […]