German Muslims March for Peace

Posted on June 27, 2017


Several Muslim groups in Germany rallied tens of thousands in a march with a simple message: Acts of terror carried out in the name of Islam are not Islamic.

This very public support for peace represents a new step for Muslims in the West beyond statements that denounce terrorism. And it is also a necessary one.

The Islamic State has called for more attacks in Europe as well as the United States with the goal of driving a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Organizers of the march said they wanted to show that Muslims have “no spiritual proximity” to terrorist groups. They also hoped that the protest against violent extremism will help them protect their faith in God and affirm their belief in peaceful coexistence with others.

Also, organizers said they wanted to lessen the fear of Islam by non Muslims.

Germany is absorbing about one million Muslim refugees from the Middle East. That nation has been criticized for taking in so many refugees.

Meanwhile the U.S. is putting restrictions on Middle East refugees from Muslim countries as there is a fear that they might be terrorists.

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