Enforce Immigration Laws

Posted on August 1, 2017


The misery inside a tractor-trailer packed with undocumented immigrants at a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio recently was beyond horrific. More than 100 people were crammed in the trailer’s lightless, nearly airless interior. Nine people died.

Those people had to suck air through a hole in the vehicle’s side. Many others including children suffered from heatstroke and other grievous injuries. There was no air conditioning, and the hot Texas sun bore down on the metal trailer. This isn’t the first time immigrants have died while being transported in the United States.

Other immigrants died while attempting to cross the Rio Grande River.

The United States has not properly enforced immigration laws for decades. It is imperative that Congress and governors and mayors support President Donald Trump in undertaking this tremendous task. It will not be easy, and some people will be hurt, but it needs to start somewhere; otherwise, the deaths and suffering and inconvenience for illegals will continue.

We do not need to build a wall, and all we need to do is enforce the immigration laws we have on the books today. Immigrants will tunnel under a wall.

The enforcement of immigration laws start will increasing the number of border guards and drones with cameras.