Monuments Teach Real History

Posted on August 29, 2017


To those people who want to bring Confederate monuments and statues down, why stop there?

There are many places around the world where people want monuments and statues removed.

Have you visited Rome? I have. I believe you may come to the conclusion: The Colosseum has to go.

It is a monument that symbolizes the cruelty, brutality and inhuman behavior of the Romans feeding Christians to the lions, and forcing Christians to battle gladiators.

You should also work to teardown any other relics to Caesar and his ilk who perpetuated these atrocities.

Wait, soldiers patrol the Colosseum.

Next you may want to go to Auschwitz, Poland and Dachau, Germany, I’ve been there, and you will want to destroy these monuments of cruelty and murder of millions of Jews.

Or, you can go to work on the pyramids in Egypt.

There are many other monuments and statues around the world that you can attack. But, you will need help. Maybe you can get the Islamic State to help you? They are good at destroying monuments.

The monuments above are not “mute testimonials.”

They are stark, tragic, well-documented places in books that shout to the visitor the horrors that took place there and should never be repeated.

Civil War statues and monuments teach history and should be left standing for all to see.

You cannot white wash history by revising history or by tearing down monuments and statues.

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