Stop Gerrymandering

Posted on September 12, 2017


We applaud the League of Women Voters for its effort to curtail gerrymandering in the nation ahead of the 2020 census, and I wish that this non-partisan group luck in its endeavor. Colorado will ballot on ending gerrymandering in 2018.

For too long the redistricting of Missouri’s congressional districts and state legislative districts have fallen victims to the underhanded strategies of both Republicans an Democrats, which ever is in power, who are trying to get the upper hand in the next decade’s elections.

Missourians will benefit when as many districts as possible are as competitive as possible. When a strong candidate from the left and a strong candidate from the right clash in an honest campaign on policy, it’s a beautiful thing for our democracy.

Unfortunately, political parties know that isn’t in their best interest. Easy wins give them power for a longer time. It’s about the collective, not the individual voter.

We are partial to politicians able to discern between their party’s good ideas and bad ideas.

Missouri could follow the lead of Colorado in bringing a ballot proposal to end gerrymandering in the state.

The Colorado ballot follows the guidelines of the League of Women Voters by putting more unaffiliated voters on the Reapportionment Commission that draws maps for the state’s legislative districts. The League of Women Voters could help Missouri in this matter.

I recommend an initiative petition to get underway to stop gerrymandering in Missouri.


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