Making Felons Heros

Posted on September 26, 2017


A couple of recent events are not reasonable like St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and the Board of Aldermen passing a Resolution honoring a drug dealer, and President Donald Trump attacking National Football League players.

It is just inexcusable and plain wrong to honor Anthony Lamar Smith, drug dealer, who was shot and killed by former police officer Jason Stockley, acquitted by a judge of murder.

The St. Louis officials Resolution action was a slap in the face to police officers and the judicial system.

The Brown family received $900,000 in a pretrial settlement with City of St. Louis.

In a 2014 Michael Brown, was shot and killed by former police officer Darren Wilson who was acquitted of murder in a jury trial. The Brown family received a substantial financial settlement. Brown was a petty thief and thug. He attempted to take the officer’s gun.

Both black men were made heros and demonstrations and property damage followed each acquittal.

President Trump attacked NFL players who kneel when the national anthem is played. The football players are protesting racism and police brutality and not inciting disrespect for the anthem or the flag. Some football players are praying for a safe game, our nation and for peace and unity.

There is nothing un-American about taking a knee. The right to freely protest without hurting others or destroying property is at the core of what makes this nation great.

We’ve got fixable problems in our nation if we decide we can compromise, do what is right  and live together in the same world.

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