Destroying Everything Obama

Posted on October 17, 2017


The 2016 election showed the great divide that exists in our nation, and many voters for President Trump expressed how they felt about former President Barack Obama.

I get that Obama’s Administration made more use of power of government to impact people’s lives than past presidents. I get that many folks don’t want assistance and resent the intrusion of government.

I also get that there is a demographic shift taking place in our nation.

The young are replacing the old, and those young are coming in darker tones, speak in different tongues, and don’t always agree with “what is,” and want to create something new. I get that we became fearful and anxious when faced with change.

Now I ask, how did millions of Trump supporters lose the power to think beyond their fears? How can they in good conscience attack the Obama administration for protecting the environment, enacting equitable protection for the medical needs of the poor, and managing to keep the United States out of another long and protracted war?

The Trump Administration is trying to destroy everything Obama. They have sacked the protections on the environment and schools, attacked health care for the poor, and waged an incessant war against illegal immigrants and Muslims.

But Trump cannot erase two Obama historical accomplishments: guiding our country out of a near economic depression, and taking out the sponsor of the 9/11 tragedy.

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