Enact Law Protecting Dreamers

Posted on January 15, 2018


If we decide to send the Dreamers and those who are here on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) back to their country of origin, then we should also teardown the Statue of Liberty and send it back to France as well.

I’m sure France could find a home somewhere, where the Statue will represent something other than total hypocrisy.

I’m alarmed to hear President Trump’s decision to send Dreamers and TPS folks back to their country of origin. The Dreamers came to this country as children and know little about their country of origin.

Moreover, I am afraid that this past week’s talks on DACA  (Dreamers) will lead nowhere due to the president’s insistence on a wall between Mexico and the United States, and the wall will fix nothing.

Fortunately, a federal judge has blocked the president’s executive order  to deport Dreamers. The final result of the federal judge’s temporary order will come after it plays through the court system.

Why should we not provide a path for citizenship for Dreamers and for folks on TPS?

Please stand with them.

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