Congress Should Make All Laws

Posted on February 10, 2018


I need not tell you that the American populace has a rather conflicted opinion of their chief executive.

To an astonishing degree, what defines Donald Trump’s first year as president varies wildly depending on how one views him. And how one views him has become the fault line in American politics.

Is this the way it should be?

As president, Mr. Trump wields huge power. What he does matters, in many cases enormously. But, it’s also fair to say that, according to the vision of the Founders, a fixation on Trump, pro or con, is a backward way of addressing America’s challenges.

America was founded most conspicuously on liberty and the freedom of the individual to flourish, the freedom of the individual from tyranny.

So “the people” would write laws, control the spending, and set the nation’s course through Congress. The president would  be Congress’s errand boy.

Truly, if the people want to protect liberty, they will not empower a single man or woman with dictatorial power. However, Congress has permitted the presidents to make laws through executive orders. This has to change.

Voters will ultimately make or break the creation of our Republic by who they put into office.

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