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Possible Inaccurate Census Survey

March 29, 2018


No doubt critics, who suspect President Donald Trump’s motives for tracking the number of citizens and non-citizens living in the United States in the 2020 census, have plenty of cause for concern. If the proposal were coming from anyone other than a hardliner who has spent much of his political career maligning immigrants, it’d be […]

Both Political Parties Are Dysfunctional

March 20, 2018


The nation’s Founding Fathers had numerous brilliant, innovative ideas for designing our new form of self-government, many of which endure to this day. One of them was a thorough disdain for coarse political parties. However, the rejection of parties did not last long: Humans, like wolves and whales, have an apparent inmate need to inhabit […]

Hands Off Social Security

March 7, 2018


There has been much controversy regarding Social Security benefits lately. I paid into the Social Security Administration my entire working life of over 60 years. I was assured that I would receive the dividends due me from my investment in that program. I depend on these dividends to survive. The government was to put the […]