Hands Off Social Security

Posted on March 7, 2018


There has been much controversy regarding Social Security benefits lately.

I paid into the Social Security Administration my entire working life of over 60 years. I was assured that I would receive the dividends due me from my investment in that program. I depend on these dividends to survive.

The government was to put the Social Security money in a lock box. The trillions of dollars was to draw interest. Where is the lock box? Where is the interest money?

The government had no right to borrow, divert or possibly embezzle or steal from me and other seniors who diligently saved through this program to support ourselves in our elder years.

Changing the name on our dividends to “Federal Benefit Payments” does not change the fact that they are payments upon our investment.

Changing the name to Federal Benefit Payments demeans the recipients. It insinuates we are receiving a hand-out from the government.

I believe this is an intentional act to cause the confusion necessary to pave the way for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the Trump administration to dismantle another secure government program.

Trust in our government’s protective agencies has been eroding as corporate lobbyists and private interest groups have increasingly swayed Congress to weaken these agencies’ protective powers.

And now, Social Security is being threatened with drastic changes that would affect the citizens who invested in the program their entire lives, and those who are now investing for their future.

I urge all citizens contributing into the Social Security program to remain vigilant, and support candidates who would strengthen this program, not weaken it.

Our lives depend on it.

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