Evangelical Leaders to Long Silent

Posted on July 20, 2018


It feels surreal, as our country approaches the 242 anniversary of its freedom, to be celebrating the fact that our government is no longer pulling crying toddlers and infants away from their parents along the southern border.

All because a federal judge ordered the children be returned to their parents. And the government seems unable to return all the children to their parents.

Equally strange has been the sluggish response of some evangelical leaders, whose notion of biblical mercy is one that shines less brightly on immigrants. Rev. Franklin Graham, for example, only last week acknowledged that the U.S. policy of separating migrant families was “disgraceful.” And I say it borders on kidnapping.

That word by Rev. Graham should have thundered two months ago from his pulpit. And other words, too: Heartbreaking, inhumane, cold-blooded, shameful, un-Christian, un-American, immoral, indefensible.

All the same things we’ve heard from people of all faiths who don’t claim to be on God’s personal speed-dial, yet who have no difficulty recognizing cruelty when they see it.


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