Dog Days and News

Posted on August 2, 2018


Once upon a time this part of summer, especially August, was known as the dog days. Everything went w-a-y

d-o-w-n like a snoozing hound.

Schools were out. So was the sun. Everyone, it seemed, was on vacation or about to be. Including those slow-motion clowns in Washington.

The definition of important news changed too during those somnolent summer weeks.

I once wrote a newspaper story about a dog that found his owner’s missing wallet and brought it home. On one humid August afternoon, that made the front page of my six page daily.

You may have noticed things have changed. News happens fast now. Very fast. Too fast every day. Every hour, No, Every minute.

It’s no longer a stream. It’s a flood, a never-ending torrent delivering events to us and ripping them past us so quickly that it’s often impossible to discern their shape, let alone their meaning. If there is any.

By the way their is an election coming up in about 14 weeks. The TV ads have started attacking candidates. And candidates will run their ads in newspapers.

There will be political news on the front pages, though obviously not as good as a dog recovering his master’s wallet.


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