America Dropped Treaty Problems

Posted on October 2, 2018


Hundereds of diplomats from around the world converged on New York last week for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran is today’s David facing the American Goliath. In this confrontation, as in the Bible, the odds favor Goliath.

American leaders are threatening Iran in terms more punitive than any the United States has ever used against a sovereign nation. To accompany U.S. threats, America has embarked on the harshest campaign of economic sanctions in modern history.

Fate has given Foreign Minister Zarif the daunting task of foiling a global campaign aimed at bringing his country to its knees and forcing it to submit to American power.

Zarif’s task is greater than any diplomat has faced in modern history. If he fails, his country, which has existed over 10 times longer than the United States, could collapse.

Recently President Trump pulled out of a multi-nation nuclear arms agreement with Iran. The European Union and European nations still honor this agreement, and Iran has not proceeded with nuclear development since signing the agreement.

America’s break with the trans-Atlantic alliance that has undergirded American foreign policy for 70 years is wrong. Zarif will try to convince Europeans that this break is to their long-term interest.

However, it is not to America’s best interest.

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