NATO 70th Anniversary Unity

Posted on December 12, 2019


NATO alliance’s 70th anniversary summit had lively disputes but ended with a unity around shared ideas that make it more than a guardian of territory.

First, a collective defense of the West against Soviet aggression had survived as a military alliance, and the 70th anniversary summit shows that this club of 29 democracies is vital in today’s world.

It serves as a reminder that the best binding agent among countries is a guiding set of principles that help them rise above base national self-interests.

The members present renewed the purpose of maintaining workable compromises and proved that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is more than a guardian of territory.

NATO’s new principles seem obvious to Americans: free elections, civilian control of the military, individual rights, rule of law, and so on.

Russia and China, dictators and Islamic terrorists are seen as threats to such universal principles.

The summit’s biggest concern was whether the United States is drifting away from NATO.

U.S. President Donald Trump had issued demands and caused much concern before he left the summit early.

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