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Republicans Determine Trump’s Future

May 23, 2017


President Donald Trump commits some colossal trespass, and frenzied friends and foes ask” “Is this it? Is it curtains for The Donald?” The current frenzy feels like the biggest one yet, but so did all the earlier ones. Trump’s latest misstep is a triple play of recklessness (firing James Comey, giving key intelligence to Russia […]

Even Real News Can Be Fake

May 16, 2017


Looking at news sometimes it is difficult to know what is real and what is fabricated, and to know the difference actually matters. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but we are not entitled to change facts. People of good faith and inquisitive minds can transcend their biases, and reach across the intellectual […]

Comey’s Action Has Consequences

November 3, 2016


FBI director James Comey’s announcement of reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation is either an intentional interference in the election process, or it’s a terrible lapse of judgment. If intentional, it’s a violation of established protocol and an egregious affront to voters and to our democracy. It may actually be a violation of the Hatch […]