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Trump’s Honeymoon Will End

November 9, 2016


After the sensational¬† victory of Donald Trump may change, but the world will continue to turn. All the predictions of doom prior to the election will not become a reality. Even a populist like Trump will have to stick to the rules. Not only is America deeply divided, but is a nation where political party […]

Comey’s Action Has Consequences

November 3, 2016


FBI director James Comey’s announcement of reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation is either an intentional interference in the election process, or it’s a terrible lapse of judgment. If intentional, it’s a violation of established protocol and an egregious affront to voters and to our democracy. It may actually be a violation of the Hatch […]

Trusting the Power of the People

June 6, 2016


Political parties are seldom beloved, but they keep the fires of politics burning when the people are busy with their lives. However, every two years the people decide who will lead them. Normally they are concerned with raising the young, securing food and shelter, and pursuing happiness. You and I might carry around ideas about […]