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Democrats to Capture Populist Movement

February 27, 2017


We will remember 2016 not only for the return of populism throughout the Western world, but also for the blindness of those who could not see the difference between right-wing and left-wing populism The rise of both kinds of populism is the result of the long-term failure of neo-liberal policies. The problem today goes deeper […]

Millennials Face Problems

August 27, 2016


Call it socialism or whatever you want, but Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the problems facing the millennials. For generations the American dream has been neatly defined with imagery of a large house, big bank account, two kids and a white picket fence. But that scene is shifting as millennials become the largest demographic in the […]

Trusting the Power of the People

June 6, 2016


Political parties are seldom beloved, but they keep the fires of politics burning when the people are busy with their lives. However, every two years the people decide who will lead them. Normally they are concerned with raising the young, securing food and shelter, and pursuing happiness. You and I might carry around ideas about […]