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Continue Obama’s Dreamers Action

June 1, 2015


An appeals court in New Orleans retained a lower court hold on President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Conservative hostility to undocumented immigrants is understandable for a host of reasons, not the least that such immigrants broke the law in crossing the border. But hostility to the subset of immigrants known as “Dreamers,” who were […]

Republicans Attack Health Subsides

February 9, 2015


Republicans in Congress are urging the Supreme Court to strike down subsides for health insurance provided to millions of people in more than 30 states. On the other hand, they are chiding the Obama administration because it has no plan to avert the hardship that could occur if Republicans win in court. This is being […]

Latino Votes Count

November 27, 2014


Latino voters overwhelmingly back President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration reform and overwhelmingly oppose potential GOP efforts to roll it back, according to a “Latino Decisions” poll released last Monday. The survey, which was conducted on behalf of the pro-immigration, NALACC, and Mi Familia Vota, and sampled Latino registered voters nationwide, described President […]

Russia Invades Ukraine

August 30, 2014


Russian military units with more than 1,000 soldiers are operating in eastern Ukraine, as a spokesman for NATO’s senior command said last Thursday. So President Obama need not hesitate from describing what’s happening there a second time as a Russian invasion. Russia invades the Crimea earlier this year and annexed that part of the Ukraine […]

Must Change Immigration Law

July 22, 2014


President Obama’s first duty as he tries to cope with the crisis of migrant children from Central America is to reject the ugly displays of xenophobia around the country and follow the law. That means resisting pressure to engage in mass deportations without giving children the benefit of due process. Mr. Obama’s Republican critics have […]

Walk Softly with Ukraine

March 13, 2014


Russia upper house is about to move on a measure that would allow it to seize the property and assets of European and US companies in the event of sanctions against Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis. If the Ukrainian crisis escalates, Russia plans to seize Exxon Mobile’s gas fields, Volkswagen, General Motors and Renault’s […]