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NATO 70th Anniversary Unity

December 12, 2019


NATO alliance’s 70th anniversary summit had lively disputes but ended with a unity around shared ideas that make it more than a guardian of territory. First, a collective defense of the West against Soviet aggression had survived as a military alliance, and the 70th anniversary summit shows that this club of 29 democracies is vital […]

Russian Cyberspace Attack on NATO Nations

July 5, 2018


When leaders of NATO’s 29 member countries meet in Belgium July 11-12, President Donald Trump will be one of them addressing the main topic of finding ways to address Russia’s escalating attempts to use information-warfare tactics to create fear and discord within America and Europe especially during election time. That kind of warfare is difficult […]

Chasing Confederate Ghosts

September 18, 2017


Fort Hood, Texas has come under fire as neighbors differ on that Army post honoring a Confederate general. Riakos Adams of the Killeen, Texas NAACP, has decided that the name attached to Fort Hood “doesn’t make any sense.” General John Bell Hood led his Confederate soldiers into battle at Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and […]

Need Independent Investigation

April 3, 2017


There is a need for an independent investigation of Russia’s connection to President Donald Trump’s associates and the 2016 election. The FBI criminal investigation into the matter is conducted by a bipartisan agency. FBI Director James Comey’s testimony recently confirmed a criminal investigation into connections between  Trump’s close associates and Russian operatives during the presidential […]

Russia Near Collapse

August 27, 2015


Russia’s economy is about to collapse because of President  Vadmir Putin’s land grabbing moves against Georgia and Ukraine in an effort to restore the old Soviet Union. In a recent move against Georgia after taking two Georgian states, the Russians moved the borders in order to take more land. But taking the Crimea from Ukraine […]

Russia Invades Ukraine

August 30, 2014


Russian military units with more than 1,000 soldiers are operating in eastern Ukraine, as a spokesman for NATO’s senior command said last Thursday. So President Obama need not hesitate from describing what’s happening there a second time as a Russian invasion. Russia invades the Crimea earlier this year and annexed that part of the Ukraine […]

Germany Uses “Soft Power”

June 29, 2014


With Ukraine now signing up for membership in the European Union, Germany’s soft but firm approach to Russia’s aggression sets a global standard in how to wield influence in the 21st century. A refreshing new master of this “soft power” is Chancellor Angela Merkel. Since 2009, she has helped Europe out of its financial crisis […]

History Repeats in Ukraine

April 15, 2014


First and foremost history is repeating itself in the Russia taking over of Crimea. The world permitted Hitler to take over the free city of Danzig in Poland and Czechoslovakia because there were many German speaking people living in those countries. On March 16 there was no free “referendum” in Crimea. This “referendum” was a […]

Walk Softly with Ukraine

March 13, 2014


Russia upper house is about to move on a measure that would allow it to seize the property and assets of European and US companies in the event of sanctions against Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis. If the Ukrainian crisis escalates, Russia plans to seize Exxon Mobile’s gas fields, Volkswagen, General Motors and Renault’s […]